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Kokko1721 is an artists-in-farmstay-residence. The artists accommodate themselves in an old farmhouse and become a part of the old farm's  everyday life.

The idea of the residency is to offer focused time to an artistic work and connect some everyday life actions that is necessary in an old farm.

The farmhouse serves also as a private home of the host.

It is possible to negotiate to arrange the meals together with the host or by the artists by themselves.

Accommodation is available all year round in the farmhouse’s simple but cosy guestrooms. In summertime on offer is a nice, traditionally made logcabin called aitta. Residency is suitable for small groups up to 5 persons in artistic working to 10 persons during courses held at the residency

A speciality at the Kokko1721 residence is the traditional way of washing yourself - in a sauna. A lovely traditional composting/dry toilet is in one of the outdoor buildings. There is a place for four customers at the same time - if needed!


The Kokko farmhouse includes the “Tupa”-studio that is suitable for small groups or assembles to use as a dance/yoga/bodywork etc. studio.
It is 8 m x 8 m large with an old huge oven in one corner of the studio. The Tupa-studio is in warm use, heated, from April to October.

Artists have a free access to the Tupa-studio during the residence but there is a silent working time from 9 pm to 8 am. The Tupa-studio is intended for artistic working, although the surroundings and outdoors offer possibilities for those who are interested. The host guides the Residence-artists into the place and the surroundings if needed.

Tupa-studio serves also as a performing stage for a small but intimate contemporary art happening Päiväntanssit, “DailyDances”. Held once a year it offers local people the possibility to experience contemporary dance and live-art performings.


Kokko1721 farmhouse


Dance artists Sari Palmgren from Finland and Noriko Kato
from Japan during residency
in 2011.

Hello!earth ready to work outside during their Kedja Wilderness residency in August 2013.


Kokko1721 Artists-in-farmstay-residency